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Two-pronged device enables maverick immune cells to identify and kill cancers

13 November 2018

Immune cells called Gamma Delta T cells can act independently to identify and kill cancer cells, defying the conventional view of the immune system, reveals new research.

Poxvirus tricks cells into moving to spread infection

12 November 2018

Vaccinia virus, a poxvirus closely related to smallpox and monkeypox, tricks cells it has infected into activating their own cell movement mechanism to rapidly spread the virus, according to a new study led by scientists at the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology.

Good housing with indoor plumbing may be key to eliminating childhood malnutrition and stunting 

1 November 2018

New research suggests that improved housing with access to piped water may be the crucial keys to eliminating malnutrition and stunting in children.

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