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MRC Head Office

We have head offices in Swindon and London.

Switchboard for both locations: 01793 416200

MRC staff: If you know the name of the person you wish to contact, email: firstname.lastname@mrc.ukri.org.

General enquiries: corporate@mrc.ukri.org

Medical advice: The MRC is not able to offer medical advice. Instead, please contact NHS Choices.

Press: For press enquiries only, please contact: 01793 234136 or email: press@ukri.org

Chief Executive's Office: Private.Office@mrc.ukri.org, tel: 020 7395 2312

Website: web@ukri.org

Other contacts: PensionsFreedom of Information, Data ProtectionOpen Access, ResearchfishComplaints

Invoices, suppliers and job applications

Please see the UK Shared Business Services (UKSBS) website if you have a query about any of the following:

  • Finance - queries about invoices
  • Procurement - queries about becoming a supplier
  • Recruitment - queries about job applications

Reporting fraud

Our counter fraud and bribery policy document is available on the UKRI website.

If you wish to raise any concerns or report suspected cases of fraud please contact: reportfraud@ukri.org

Funding and eligibility

General MRC remit, funding policy and eligibility enquiries

For general enquiries regarding remit, funding policy and eligibility, please contact our Research Funding Policy & Delivery Team. Email: RFPD@mrc.ukri.org or tel: 01793 416440.

Research proposal scientific queries

If you have a query about the scientific aspects of your research proposal, please see the contacts listed on the following pages:

If you are unsure who to contact please email the Research Funding Policy & Delivery Team (Email: RFPD@Headoffice.mrc.ac.uk or tel: 01793 416440.) with your latest CV and short project overview.

Peer review enquiries

If you have a query about the peer review of a research proposal, either as an applicant, reviewer or Board/Panel member, please contact our MRC Board and Panel team. Email: PeerReview@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk  or tel: 01793 416248.

MRC Fellowships enquiries

Should you wish to discuss a proposal to any MRC fellowship scheme eg to discuss your scientific interests, career aspirations, choice of scheme, please email Fellows@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk including the following information:

  • CV in our CV template (DOCX, 27KB)
  • List of relevant publications
  • Short overview of the project and how the fellowship will support your career aspirations 

Je-S System

Access the Je-S System via the Je-S login page
Je-S Helpdesk
Email: JeSHelp@je-s.ukri.org
Tel: 01793 444164