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The MRC corporate logo should be used on all corporate communications.

MRC funded establishments each have their own version of the MRC logo which incorporates the name of the establishment. They may choose to use the corporate logo or their own establishment logo in communications, but it must be consistently applied.

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The MRC strapline is ‘Leading science for better health’. This is the only form of words that can be associated with the MRC visual identity, whether with the master logo or an individual establishment logo. It can be placed to the right or below the logo, observing the minimum clearance for the logo. The strapline font should not be larger than the ‘M’ of ‘MRC’ in the logo or smaller than the ‘M’ of ‘Medical Research Council’ in the logo. 

Strapline placed to the right of the MRC logo. Strapline should be in line with the bottom edge of 'MRC' within the MRC logo. (click to see full size)
Strapline placed below the MRC logo, should be just to the left, in line with the left hand edge of the lozenge. (Click to see full size)

Individual establishment descriptors should not be associated with an establishment’s visual identity eg placed alongside the logo. They can be used elsewhere to explain the work or mission of an establishment (eg in email footers, introductory text in publications, web pages or presentations).

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Logo modification

The logos should not be modified or altered in any way as this will undermine the impact and credibility of our brand.

Do not: 

Re-draw  any of the elements of the logo, including re-typing any words.


Alter the dimensions, or skew or rotate   the logo. Check that the logo is correctly proportioned.


Change the colour of the logo (see the colour palette webpage to see which versions are available).


Add outlines or any effects such  as drop shadows.

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Logo colour

The primary logo colour is Warm Grey and should be used for all colour publications.

It is available in the following colour formats:

  • CMYK – for full colour printing
  • RGB – for web use Pantone
  • Warm Grey 10 – for specialist single colour printing
Other acceptable versions

For black and white publications the logo can be used in black.

In the event that neither logo can be clearly seen against a background, and an alternative background image or colour is not available, it may be possible to use a reversed, white-out version of the logo. Please email branding@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk for further advice.

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File formats

There are three logo formats available for you to use in different media and it is important to use the right one:

EPS For professional printing (either litho or digital). This is only for use with publishing software such as Adobe® Illustrator, InDesign or QuarkXPress®. If you don’t have this software, you won’t be able to open the files, but you can send them on to a designer.
JPG For low-resolution printing eg. from an office printer.

Are suitable for use on websites and Microsoft Office applications such as Word and PowerPoint. You do not need specialist software to use these.

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Logo size

Using the correct  size of logo will help to give it maximum impact. The MRC logo must not be altered, stretched or squashed in any way.

Optimum size for the logo

To ensure  maximum impact and clarity the MRC logo should be used  at its preferred  size for the publication format.

  • A3 = 18mm depth  
  • A4 = 15mm depth 
  • DL, A5, 1/4 A4 ad = 11mm depth 
  • Pop-up banner (800mm x 2130mm) = 100mm depth
Minimum size

The logo should not be reproduced any smaller than 25mm in length or 11mm in depth.

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Minimum clearance

We have defined the area of clear space around the logo to ensure it remains clear and uncluttered.

The clear space measurement is equal to 1x the height of the MRC letters within the logo at the size it is to be reproduced. Text or graphics  should not appear within this area.

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Logo positioning

The required position for the MRC logo is at the top left of communications. Ensure that the margins adhere  to the minimum space allowance.

For print widths are:

  • A3 = 20mm margin 
  • A4 = 15mm margin
  • DL, A5, 1/4 A4 ad = 10mm margin
  • Pop-up banner (800mm x 2130mm) = 60mm margin

For websites and digital communications, allow a margin 33% the width/height of the logo.


For maximum legibility, the logo should be set on a white or light-coloured background. It can be positioned over a photograph but ensure that it is on a light and uncluttered part of the image.








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Below are the MRC master logos available to download.

To download: Right-click the desired logo; and select "Save image/picture as..." 


MRC logo colour - webMRC logo black - web



Print (non-professional):

MRC logo colour CMYK - printMRC logo black - print

Print (professional only):

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MRC establishment logos

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