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Infections & Immunity Board

Board membership from 1 April 2019

  • Professor Paul Kaye (Chair), University of York
  • Professor Andrea Cooper (Deputy Chair) (PDF, 33KB), University of Leicester
  • Professor David Baker, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Professor Tao Dong, CAMS-Oxford Centre for Translational Immunology, University of Oxford
  • Professor Gillian Elliott, Dept of Microbial Sciences, University of Surrey
  • Professor Alain Filloux, MRC Centre for Molecular Bacteriology & Infection, Imperial College London
  • Professor Azra Ghani, School of Public Health, Imperial College London
  • Professor Andrew MacDonald, School of Biological Sciences, University of Manchester
  • Professor Andrew Mellor, Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University
  • Professor Emma Morris, University College London
  • Professor Faith Osier, University of Oxford
  • Professor Massimo Palmarini, MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research
  • Professor Jürgen Schwarze, The University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Tom Solomon, University of Liverpool
  • Professor Jo Spencer, King's College London
  • Dr Jonathan Stoye, Francis Crick Institute
  • Professor John Wain (PDF, 33KB), Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia
  • Professor Mark Wilcox, University of Leeds
  • Professor Adam Cunningham, MRC Centre for Immune Regulation, University of Birmingham
  • Professor Alison Simmons, University of Oxford, MRC Human Immunology Unit
  • Dr Daniela De Angelis, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Eric Fevre, University of Liverpool

Co-opted members

Professor Gordon Brown, MRC Centre for Medical Mycology, University of Aberdeen

MRC head office contacts

If you have a query about scientific aspects of your research proposal, or a remit question regarding which board or scheme your proposal should be assessed by, please contact the programme manager for your scientific area.

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For general pre-award policy and eligibility enquiries, go to the Research Funding Policy and Delivery team:

For board operation and peer review enquiries, contact:

For enquiries about scientific remit please see Our science and contacts page.

If you have a query about the peer review of a research proposal, either as an applicant, reviewer or Board/Panel member, please contact

If you have a query about submitting your application using the online, electronic submissions system, Je-S, please contact the Je-S Helpdesk, or 01793 444164.