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Membership from 1 April 2020

  • Professor Cathie Sudlow (Chair) (PDF, 45KB), University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Rod Taylor, Institute of Health and Well Being, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Kate Tilling, School of Social & Community Medicine, Bristol University 
  • Professor Ronan Lyons, Swansea University Medical School
  • Professor Marcus Munafo,School of Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol
  • Professor Louise Robinson, Newcastle University Institute for Ageing
  • Professor Manuela Joore, Maastricht University Medical Center
  • Professor Bianca De Stavola, University College London
  • Professor Sabine Landau, King’s College London
  • Professor Richard Dobson, King’s College London
  • Professor Paul McKeigue, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Claude Chelala, Queen Mary, University of London
  • Dr Krishnarajah Nirantharakumar, Institute of Applied Health Research, University of Birmingham
  • Professor Frank Kee, Institute for Clinical Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Professor Richard Riley, Centre for Prognostic Research, Keel University
  • Professor Christopher Yau, Faculty of Biology Medicine & Health, The University of Manchester
  • Professor John Whittaker, GSK
  • Professor Daniela De Angelis, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Amanda Farrin, University of Leeds