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Delivery plan

Research councils publish delivery plans as a final product of a Government Spending Review (SR). The delivery plan sets out a council’s priorities for spending funds and outlines the activities it intends to undertake over the SR period. The plan describes how each research council will use its resources to achieve its mission and contribute toward the Government's objectives for the science budget.

The plan is refreshed annually, and a new plan is created at the start of each SR period. The plans are part of a comprehensive performance management system which will enable the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy to demonstrate the contribution that each research council is making towards achieving government targets.

As well as the delivery plan, this system includes a series of performance metrics (the outputs framework) and a set of targets and milestones (the reporting framework). Progress in implementing the delivery plan and achievements against the reporting framework target and milestones are published each year in the annual Economic Impact Report. Further information is available on the UKRI website.

MRC Delivery Plan 2016-2020 (PDF, 523KB)

The MRC Delivery Plan 2016- 2020 sets out how the MRC will use its allocation from the Science and Research budget announced it March 2016 to support its strategic aims over the next four years.

Delivery plan 2015/16 (PDF, 3.91MB)

In 2015/16, the MRC will continue to support excellent discovery science and strengthen partnerships where there is the greatest potential to deliver improved health and economic impact. This vision is set out in the MRC’s strategic plan for 2014-19i ‘Research Changes Lives’.