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Network Jan-Feb 2008

The future is looking bright for two of the world’s most prestigious scientific institutions: the MRC National Institute for Medical Research and the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

  • Issued: 05 February 2008

Network Jan-Feb 2009

The MRC is piloting a brand new way of making funding available to universities as part of its Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme (DPFS).

  • Issued: 13 February 2009

Network Spring 2006

Budget heralds radical new approach to UK medical research.

  • Issued: 15 May 2006

Network Autumn 2006

Decisions in the coming months will determine the future shape of medical research funding in the UK. 

  • Issued: 25 October 2006

Network Summer 2005

MRC announces plans for strengthening UK clinical research.

  • Issued: 08 July 2005

Network Spring 2005

The MRC's Council unanimously decided at its February meeting that University College London should be its preferred partner for taking forward the renewal of the MRC National Institute for Medical Research.

  • Issued: 23 March 2005

Network Spring 2004

MRC funding innovations: a message from Colin Blakemore

  • Issued: 29 March 2004