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EXCEED: Extended Cohort for E-health, Environment and DNA

About the cohort

Start date: 2013
Age at recruitment: 30-69
Sample size at recruitment: 10,000
Estimated current sample size: 10,000

EXCEED is a longitudinal population-based cohort which facilitates investigation of genetic, environmental and lifestyle-related determinants of a broad range of diseases and of multiple morbidity through data collected at baseline and via electronic healthcare record linkage.

Recruitment has taken place in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland since 2013 and is ongoing, with approximately 10,000 participants aged 30-69 to date. The population of Leicester is diverse and additional recruitment from the local South Asian community is ongoing.

Participants have consented to follow-up for up to 25 years through electronic health records and additional bespoke data collection is planned.

Data available includes baseline demographics, anthropometry, spirometry and lifestyle factors (smoking and alcohol use), and longitudinal health information from primary care records, with additional linkage to other EHR datasets planned. Patients have consented to be contacted for recall-by-genotype and recall-by-phenotype sub-studies, providing an important resource for precision medicine research.

We welcome requests for collaboration and data access by contacting the study management team via exceed@le.ac.uk

Core funders

  • The University of Leicester
  • The NIHR Leicester Respiratory Biomedical Research Centre
  • The NIHR Clinical Research Network East Midlands
  • The Medical Research Council (grant G0902313)
  • The Wellcome Trust (grant 202849).


Website: http://www.leicsrespiratorybru.nihr.ac.uk/our-research/our-research-studies/exceed/
Principal investigator: Martin Tobin
Email: exceed@le.ac.uk

Page last updated: 11 Feb 2019


  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Sample size: 10,000-19,999
  • Age: 20 to 39, 40 to 59, 60 to 100
  • Anthropometric: Height, Weight, Waist circumference, Hip circumference, Blood pressure
  • Physical: Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Musculoskeletal, Hearing and vision, Reproductive
  • Psychological: Mental health, Cognitive function
  • Lifestyle: Smoking, Physical activity, Alcohol
  • Socio-economic: Occupation, Ethnic group
  • Biological samples: Saliva