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LifeArc (formally MRC Technology)

The MRC owns the intellectual property rights on discoveries made by the scientists employed in our units and institutes. We commercialise these findings by licensing them to industry through LifeArc (formally MRC Technology), who manage our IP on our behalf. This has two major benefits: our scientists’ findings are translated into new treatments and technologies as swiftly as possible, and the licensing income can be ploughed back into further medical research.

As a medical research charity, its work extends beyond office-based patenting and licensing operations. LifeArc has its own state-of-the-art laboratories where LifeArc scientists carry out applied research, including drug discovery and diagnostics development work, to take forward findings made by scientists working at the molecular level in our units. LifeArc also works with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and other medical research charities on collaborative research programmes.