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Mary Lyon Centre

The Mary Lyon Centre (MLC), as part of the MRC Harwell Institute, is a national facility providing world-class expertise, tools and resources to generate and characterise genetically altered mouse models for use by clinical and biomedical scientists. MLC resources support academic researchers throughout the UK and include genome engineering, advanced phenotyping and cryopreservation. All services are underpinned by quality-controlled husbandry and animal care with an emphasis on refinement and reproducibility. 

The MLC also hosts an internationally recognised mouse archive, facilitating third party access to existing and novel models being developed at Harwell and other institutes. MRC Harwell Institute is also a leading member of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium.

New investment in national network for mouse genetics

The MRC is investing more than £20m in a major new network in mouse genetics that will bring together a package of distinctive research clusters across the UK and long-term partnerships with the MLC.

Over the next two years this new national investment will bring together centres of excellence in mouse genetics and long-term partnerships with the MLC in Harwell under the leadership of a national director. The investments will integrate the mouse and other experimental systems with human genetics and pathology to accelerate our understanding of human disease and improve diagnosis and treatments. This heralds a significant change for the MRC Harwell Institute, which comprises the MLC and the Mammalian Genetics Unit.

The Mammalian Genetics Unit will close in 2022 and research alongside the MLC will be refocussed to capitalise on the interdisciplinary research on the Harwell campus and to align with the new research clusters.

The MLC will be retained as a national hub providing world-class expertise, tools and resources for mouse research, training, and mouse archiving and distribution. Whilst the MLC will establish new partnerships with the research clusters as part of the new network and national leadership, it will continue its core business of providing specialist services to the wider UK academic and industry mouse research communities. The MRC encourages researchers to continue to link up with the MLC to capitalise on its specialist services and facilities.

For more information, see our recent blog post: New investment in mouse research to enhance national coordination and collaboration