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MRC Centre for Macaques

The Medical Research Council Centre for Macaques is a primate breeding unit established in 2003 to house and breed rhesus macaques, funded by the MRC with support from the Wellcome Trust. Non-human primates continue to be used in some areas of research where there are no alternative approaches. Macaques are non-human primates which have similarities to humans in their vision, central nervous system and immunology and reproductive system. The monkeys are used in basic and applied research within the academic sector in the UK, funded by the major grant-giving bodies. The unit houses about 250 animals including breeding stock and youngsters. The breeding programme is planned so that supply and demand are matched, to prevent in-breeding and to ensure there is no need to import animals.

Medical Research Council Centre for Macaques
Porton Down, Salisbury, SP4 0JQ​  

Macaque troop management

Maintenance of a stable group structure through reinforcement of familial groupings.

Habituation and training

Animals that are to spend time in the laboratory need to be able to relate well to humans. Small food rewards are a part of the habituation and early training process. 

Research projects

Academic research projects involving macaques from the Centre.