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Use of human samples in medical research

Human tissue legislation summaries

Our summaries offer a quick and easy explanation of the UK legislation for those carrying out research using human tissue or biological samples:

Additional MRC resources

Further information on MRC Policy and the legislation can be found in:

Using samples from colleagues

The same legal and good practice requirements apply when using samples from colleagues as would be the case for any research participant. Research Ethics Committee (REC) review should be sought and take into consideration the process of obtaining consent (fully informed, freely given); arrangements for feedback of any clinically significant findings; and the standards in place to protect colleagues’ confidentiality.

Our working with biological agents guidance document (PDF, 564KB) and guidance for staff asked to volunteer blood and/or other samples (PDF, 35KB) for research provide further guidance in this area.

MRC DIs and Tissue Bank Managers Portal

Our fora site provides a platform for Designated Individuals, Persons Designated, equivalents within Scottish MRC units, and managers of other MRC-funded tissue collections to access and share information.