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Funded research

Links to equivalent information for the other UK Research Councils can be found on the RCUK success rates and grant funding overview page.

Funding overview

Annual report and accounts

Activities and achievements in research and financial information.

Delivery plan

Outlines our priorities for the current spending review period and how the research we fund contributes to Government objectives for the science budget

Search funded research

UKRI Gateway to Research 

Search for information on all research funded by all 7 Research Councils.

Gateway to Research includes information on publications, people, organisations and outcomes from all categories of grants including training grants from 2006 to recently awarded funding. The project details include information about project title, project abstract, duration of the project and the amount awarded.

Gateway to Research does not include information on applications that were not funded.

Awards made by the MRC

Success rates

Information on success rates for grants and fellowships, by type and demographics.

Board and panel meeting outcomes

Details for scores and funding decisions made by each for the boards and panels.

MRC-funded research

Details of all awards made by the MRC from April 2006 to December 2019, by board and panel. Awards are classified by HRCS code and where relevant include board/panel routing information.

Note: any awards that were not live on our systems on or after 11 December 2019 are not included. This data will be updated in May 2020.

MRC Research Spend

Recipients of funding

Information on the MRC's annual research spend by Research Organisation and spend type. Information on research funding across the UK and devolved administrations is also available.