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Population and public health sciences

Scope and priorities

Population health sciences (PHS) are concerned with the study of biological, social and environmental influences on the physical and mental health and wellbeing of populations and interventions designed to improve population health or prevent diseases.

Science we support

The MRC supports a diverse range of population health sciences often in multi-funder partnerships. This includes longitudinal population research (for example UK Biobank) and the UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP). We also support intervention development for public health.

Funding for population health science

The MRC funds population health sciences (PHS) through boards and panels, centres and units, various fellowship schemes and strategic initiatives. Support for global health research  is provided through the Applied Global Heath Research Board as well as through units, grants, fellowships and partnerships with other funders.

Reviews and reports

Resources include population cohorts, cohort registries, data sharing policies, METADAC and HDRUK.