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Strategic initiatives

UK Regenerative Medicine Platform

UKRMP2 call for proposals are now open and details can be found on the UKRMP website

The UK Regenerative Medicine Platform launched in 2012 as part of the Strategy for UK Regenerative Medicine (PDF, 1.60MB).

The platform works closely with the Innovate UK Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult to link the discovery science base with efforts to apply the knowledge for both patient and commercial benefit and ensure that the UK operates as a single, globally competitive cluster in this area.

The UKRMP Annual reports:

UK-China Stem Cell Partnership Initiative

The MRC partners with the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) to fund the UK-China Stem Cell Partnership Initiative.

The initiative was launched following an MRC-NSFC workshop in 2012 to explore the potential of UK-China collaborations. It is supporting basic and pre-clinical research programmes of relevance to the longer term development of stem cell based therapies for human disease and disorders.

Partnership with the Californian Institute of Regenerative Medicine

We partner with the Californian Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) to identify areas of mutual interest where joint working could provide synergy between our activities. These have included:

2013 - a workshop to help to understand the nature of the scientific regulatory challenges faced by researchers, and highlight opportunities for potential convergence between international regulatory regimes which might assist development within regenerative medicine.

2010 - a workshop to review the state of the global research effort and progress with human somatic cell nuclear transfer and assess its future role in stem cell research. Download the CIRM-MRC Human Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Workshop Report (PDF 0.9MB) (PDF, 902KB).

2009 - MRC-CIRM Disease Team Awards - to drive progress towards clinical trials. We contributed £5 million towards the total investment of £20 m in two strategic programmes addressing novel approaches to treat age-related macular degeneration and acute myeloid leukaemia, involving UK teams in University College London and Oxford respectively.

International Stem Cell Forum

We forge key UK-international collaborations through membership of the International Stem Cell Funders Forum (ISCF).

The ISCF links the UK to other countries actively engaged in human stem cell research, including Europe, North America, South East Asia, Japan and Australia. 

The key objectives of the ISCF are to harmonize and accelerate stem cell research activity and its application, and to improve global practice in stem cell research. The forum has developed three work streams to address these:

  1. International Stem Cell Initiative to compare and characterize human ES cell lines derived from labs around the world
  2. International Stem Cell Banking Initiative to identify best practice and establish guidelines for stem cell banking and international co-operation on cell line distribution and regulation
  3. Ethics Working Party to help facilitate international harmonization of ethical issues relating to use of stem cells in biomedical research