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Engagement activities: The secret life of four-year olds

28-Oct-2015 - developmental psychologist at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit was featured on Channel Four’s The secret life of four year olds

RCUK demonstrates impact of working together

24-Jan-2013 - through which the Research Councils including the Medical Research Council MRC are working together to achieve greater impact Additionally

Sweet answer to the origins of life

01-Oct-2012 - of the chemistry of the origins of life Whilst some maintain that life formed elsewhere in the universe and was transported to earth the findings

Technology networks awarded £3m to solve life science challenges

16-Apr-2018 - the engineering and physical sciences to advance life sciences discovery research Technology Touching Life is a joint initiative between the MRC

Work begins to develop life-saving liver treatment

27-Jun-2013 - A £6 million programme to carry out the largest ever study to develop new treatments and improve existing therapy for patients with a life

Old antibiotic compounds could become tomorrow’s life-saving drugs

06-Feb-2018 - approaches to assess its potential and to understand how it works against bacteria The team believes the compound is worth serious consideration

Genetic study offers clues to how intelligence changes through life

19-Jan-2012 - Scientists have estimated for the first time the extent to which genes determine changes in intelligence across the human life course The study

Does a strong handshake predict a longer life?

10-Sep-2010 - for longer Research that helps people to enjoy a long and healthy life is a crucial part of the MRC’s work and evermore important to help cater

Early years education staves off dementia in later life

03-Jan-2011 - on in life and the level of damage caused to the brain by the time people died Professor Carol Brayne at the  MRC Cognitive Function and Ageing

International study finds education does not protect against cognitive decline in later life

22-Feb-2017 - of cognitive function in later life but this study shows we are less clear on whether education can stop the declines in cognition that come naturally