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Jointly-Funded Clinical Research Training Fellowship

Recognising the importance of a mixed economy in funding for clinical research training, in addition to their clinical PhD Programmes the Wellcome Trust has entered a partnership with the MRC to increase the funding available for clinical PhDs via the MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship scheme. 

As part of the Clinical Research Training Fellowship scheme, the MRC is proud to also collaborate with a number of Royal Colleges and Charity funders to offer a range of specific jointly funded CRTF awards each round. These awards offer the prestige of having the relevant organisation co-fund your fellowship and may offer additional opportunities to report on your project, present your work at meetings and for professional networking. Below is a list of the jointly funded awards available to apply for:

The Borne Foundation

The Borne Foundation supports research into pregnancy and the factors and conditions that may lead to preterm birth. We fund research programmes and projects that examine the biological processes of pregnancy and childbirth to understand changes in the maternal environment and their significance, and the mechanisms involved in normal and abnormal labour. To encourage the development of the best scientific ideas and new projects from the field, we joint fund project grants for scientists with Action Medical Research.

To support bright clinicians looking to develop their academic careers in the area of obstetrics and post-doctoral academics with their transition to independence, we offer joint funding opportunities with the MRC administered through the Clinical Research Training Fellowship and Career Development Award schemes.

For further information regarding Borne and its work, please visit https://www.borne.org.uk/about/.

The Brain Tumour Charity

The Brain Tumour Charity is the UK’s largest dedicated funder of research into brain tumours, funding basic and clinical research into brain tumours whilst also offering support to those affected and raising awareness.

We fund research into the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours and are keen to increase clinical research capacity in the brain tumour field. Up to two fellowships will be jointly funded under this initiative each year.

As part of a jointly funded award, fellows would be required to submit annual and end of grant scientific reports to the charity, and fellows should also note the charity’s policy for intellectual property. For further information about the work of The Brain Tumour Charity and our current research, please visit our website thebraintumourcharity.org/research or email research@thebraintumourcharity.org.

British Association of Dermatologists/British Skin Foundation

One clinical research training fellowship will be awarded jointly by the MRC and the British Association of Dermatologists and the British Skin Foundation per annum (expected to be awarded at the March interviews). The British Association of Dermatologists and the British Skin Foundation support and promote all aspects of dermatology research to improve the understanding, diagnosis and management of skin disease.

British Journal of Anaesthesia

Up to four fellowships per year will be awarded under this new scheme, jointly funded by both the MRC and British Journal of Anaesthesia.  The fellowships are aimed at trainee anaesthetists who wish to pursue research into understanding and improving any aspects of anaesthesia, peri-operative care, critical care and pain. The British Journal of Anaesthesia is the oldest and largest independent journal of anaesthesia and is the highest ranked journal in anaesthesia in Europe.

If you have any queries about the fellowship or your proposed research area, please email: h.f.galley@abdn.ac.uk

British Lung Foundation/Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Fund

One clinical research training fellowship will be awarded jointly by the MRC, British Lung Foundation (BLF) and Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Fund (MKMF). The BLF is the only UK charity working for everyone affected by lung disease. The BLF focuses its resources on providing support for people affected by lung disease today; and works in a variety of ways, including funding world-class research, to bring about positive change to improve treatment, care and support for people affected by lung disease now and in the future. The MKMF aims to raise awareness of mesothelioma, fund crucial research projects, and improve diagnosis, treatment and care for mesothelioma sufferers. Applicants must focus their work on mesothelioma.

The BLF’s research strategy, which details its research priorities, can be found on their website: www.lunguk.org

Cystic Fibrosis Trust

The purpose of this fellowship is to provide an opportunity for the scientific training of a young clinician who wishes to pursue research into the pathogenesis and treatment of Cystic Fibrosis.

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust funds ground-breaking research that is of imminent and/or important clinical relevance to people with Cystic Fibrosis. It particularly wishes to support translational research that is likely to have an impact on the clinical care of people with Cystic Fibrosis in the near future.

Please visit the Cystic Fibrosis Trust website for further information or email any specific questions to: researchgrants@cftrust.org.uk

Epilepsy Research UK (ERUK)

Epilepsy Research UK (ERUK) is dedicated to funding UK-based research into the causes, treatment, prevention and psychosocial aspects of epilepsy. Here we invite clinicians to submit high-quality applications that have real potential to benefit people who are affected by the condition.

As part of this jointly-funded award, fellows are required to submit annual and end-of-grant reports to ERUK, and we encourage them to submit at least one abstract from their work to the ILAE UK Chapter Annual Scientific Meeting. We also ask that they attend a supporter engagement reception soon after their grant is awarded. Fellows sometimes have the opportunity to represent ERUK at local fundraising events during the course of their grants, and they are very welcome to take part in/support our sporting events.

For information about ERUK’s other funding opportunities, please visit: www.epilepsyresearch.org.uk/research-scientists/apply-for-funding/

To view ERUK’s research portfolio, please visit: www.epilepsyresearch.org.uk/research/research-portfolio-2/

Fight for Sight

A clinical research training fellowship will be awarded jointly by the MRC and Fight for Sight, the UK’s leading charity dedicated to funding research into the prevention and treatment of blindness and eye disease. Applications for this joint award are invited from clinicians wishing to pursue a clinical scientist career in any area of vision research relevant to the charity's aims. Nursing and allied health professional graduates (including optometrists and orthoptists) are also eligible to apply. Please visit the Fight for Sight website www.fightforsight.org.uk for further information or email any specific questions to grants@fightforsight.org.uk

See also Royal College of Ophthalmologists/Novartis and Royal College of Ophthalmologists John Lee Fellowship

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

JDRF is the type 1 diabetes charity, improving lives until we find the cure. We’re totally focused on type 1 diabetes, and are run by people with type 1, for people with type 1.

We fund research to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes. Internationally, we are the world’s leading charitable funder of type 1 diabetes research. We work with academia, industry and governments to make sure that the research we fund has the greatest possible impact on the lives of people with type 1 now and in the future.

We welcome applications from clinicians whose research will address one of our priority areas.  As part of a jointly funded award, Fellows would be required to submit annual and end of grant reports to the charity. We would invite Fellows to present their research at JDRF scientific meetings and at events for people affected by type 1 diabetes. We can also offer interested Fellows opportunities to enhance their communication skills by working with our dedicated Research Communication team.

For further information on other JDRF funding schemes, please refer to our website for our current opportunities


Kidney Research UK

Kidney Research UK is the leading medical research charity, funding research dedicated to improving the understanding of kidney disease, its causes, prevention and treatment.  Two CRTF fellowships per year under this joint funding initiative will be awarded to clinical trainees who wish to pursue research in the renal field.  Applications that include an element of industry collaboration are welcomed, and KRUK may be able to assist potential applicants in establishing industrial contacts.

Kidney Research UK supports a wide range of research projects and career awards through open calls to UK academic clinicians and scientists.

Additional benefits provided to successful applicants will include, attendance at Kidney Research UK’s annual Fellows Day and access to workshops through their automatic membership into the Alumni Programme

For further information regarding about Kidney Research UK and its work,  please visit our website: www.kidneyresearchuk.org or email: grants@kidneyresearchuk.org

Leuka – leading leukaemia research

The MRC and Leuka will jointly award up to two clinical training fellowships per annum.

Leuka is a leading UK charity dedicated to promoting life saving research into leukaemia and related disorders. Our founder the late John Goldman was a renowned haematologist and a pioneer into the treatment of leukaemia for over 30 years and was associated with many major developments in the field.  Leuka continues to have a clear mission to accelerate progress to beat blood cancer through substantial, targeted investment in research. We work with doctors, scientists and clinicians whom we support in order to build the capacity vital to the advancement of new treatments and cures.

To help build critical mass in this field applications are welcome for high quality research into haemato-oncology and related areas.

For more details about Leuka and our research priorities please visit: www.leuka.org.uk

MND Association Lady Edith Wolfson Fellowships

This scheme aims to support clinicians wishing to pursue research into the pathogenesis and treatment of motor neuron disease. Awards under this scheme are available for Clinical Research Training Fellowships (CRTF), Senior Clinical Fellowships (SCF) and Clinician Scientists Fellowships (CSF). If you have any enquiries about the fellowship or your proposed research area, please contact Dr Brian Dickie or visit the MND Association website for further information.

Contact: Dr Brian Dickie

Email: brian.dickie@mndassociation.org

Multiple Sclerosis Society

One fellowship per year is awarded under this scheme, aimed at researchers who are involved in treating patients and who wish to pursue research into understanding and treatment of multiple sclerosis.

For enquiries, please email: fellows@headoffice.mrc.ac.uk 

Muscular Dystrophy UK

Muscular Dystrophy UK is the leading UK charity dedicated to fighting muscle-wasting conditions. We fund research into identifying treatments and cures for these conditions that will improve the lives of everyone affected by them.

Clinical Research and Training Fellowship applications must be for research that is relevant to any of the muscular dystrophies or related neuromuscular conditions we support. Proposals must also clearly demonstrate how the research meets the aims and objectives of our Research Strategy.

Muscular Dystrophy UK has close links with scientists and clinicians working in the field of neuromuscular diseases in the UK and we will ensure that the fellow will be embedded into existing clinical networks. They will also be encouraged to attend the Annual Translational Research Conference, which we organise with the MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases, and to engage with our supporters by attending our Annual National Conference and other events.

If you are unsure whether your research fits the criteria, please contact Alison Stevenson at research@musculardystrophyuk.org or on 020 7803 4812. Applicants should be aware that Muscular Dystrophy UK has additional terms and conditions relating to arising IP which award holders would need to meet. Details can be obtained from Alison Stevenson at research@musculardystrophyuk.org. For more information about Muscular Dystrophy UK and what we do, please see our website.

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Pancreatic Cancer UK is the only national charity fighting pancreatic cancer on all fronts: support, information, campaigning and research. We're committed to attracting new research talent and retaining expertise within the field, in order to build a critical mass of research expertise in the UK and support the research leaders of the future.

We welcome applications for clinical research training fellowships to be jointly funded between Pancreatic Cancer UK and the MRC and will consider high quality applications into any aspect of pancreatic cancer, although a focus on early diagnosis/detection or more effective treatments would be of particular interest.

For further information, please visit Pancreatic Cancer UK. For further enquiries email: research@pancreaticcancer.org.uk.

Parkinson’s UK

Parkinson's UK are working hard to support and nurture a flourishing Parkinson's research community in the UK. Up to two clinical research training fellowships will be awarded under this scheme, jointly funded by Parkinson’s UK and the MRC.0

We are focused on finding new and better treatments for Parkinson's, and one day a cure.  We're also keen to fund research that improves quality of life in the shorter term - see our top 10 priority research areas for improving everyday life.

As part of a jointly funded award, fellows would be required to submit annual and final reports to the charity and to submit grant evaluation data to Researchfish annually.  Grantholders are also asked to host up to two engagement activities with people affected by Parkinson’s.

Please read our policies affecting grants before making an application.

Find out more about Parkinson’s UK research.

Prostate Cancer UK

The Prostate Cancer UK research strategy for 2012-2020 identifies 3 priority areas for funding:

  1. Identifying men at highest risk of developing clinically significant prostate cancer
  2. Distinguishing aggressive prostate cancer from indolent diseases
  3. Finding new, targeted treatments for advanced prostate cancer

Taking into consideration MRC’s remit, we invite clinical research training fellowship proposals that target at least one of our priorities. These jointly funded projects by Prostate Cancer UK and MRC intend to support high calibre clinical scientists in their early career development.

For further information regarding the work of Prostate Cancer UK, including the research strategy and the research we have previously funded, please visit our website: http://prostatecanceruk.org. For enquiries please email: research@prostatecanceruk.org.

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Applicants must fulfil the eligibility criteria for the Clinical Research Training Fellowship scheme, have a minimum of one year’s experience in clinical obstetrics and gynaecology, and hold Part One of Membership of the College. Further information is on the website of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists.

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Founded in 1996 and now with about 17,500 members across the world, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health trains and educates paediatricians throughout their careers to the highest professional standards, and promotes research and child health policy in the UK and worldwide. Its mission is to transform child health through knowledge, innovation and expertise, and its vision is a healthier future for children and young people across the world.

The Children’s Research Fund has been established to grow child health research capacity in the UK and to reverse the decline in the number of paediatric academics and researchers. 

We welcome applications from clinicians and non-clinical academics in any area of child health research, and we offer joint funding opportunities with the MRC administered through the Clinical Research Training Fellowship, Clinician Scientist Fellowship (CSF), and Career Development Award schemes. 

For further information regarding the RCPCH and its work, please visit our website: http://www.rcpch.ac.uk/home or contact us at research@rcpch.ac.uk.

Royal College of Radiologists

One joint clinical research training fellowship is offered in each calendar year, open to clinical radiologists who are members or fellows of the Royal College of Radiologists, and who also meet the eligibility criteria set out by the MRC under guidance for applicants. Further information is available on the Royal College of Radiologists website.

Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Up to one joint clinical research training fellowship is available, open to the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh’s (RCSEd) fellows and members who meet the eligibility criteria set out by the MRC under guidance for applicants.

Areas to be considered for support are surgical/dental translational research, surgical/dental health services research, research into surgical/dental aspects of patient safety, simulation and non-operative technical skills and cancer research of direct clinical relevance to the management of solid tumours.

For more details please contact c.mccartney@rcsed.ac.uk or to apply visit the MRC website.

Stroke Association

Up to two clinical research training fellowships will be awarded jointly between MRC and The Stroke Association, the only national charity solely concerned with helping everyone affected by stroke. Our vision is to have a world where there are fewer strokes, and all those touched by stroke get the help they need.

The Stroke Association’s research strategy aims to increase the UK funding base and capacity for clinical stroke research across the full stroke care pathway. Applications from individuals wishing to pursue a career in clinical stroke research are welcomed.

Target Ovarian Cancer

One clinical research training fellowship will be awarded jointly by the MRC and Target Ovarian Cancer. Target Ovarian Cancer is the national charity dedicated to achieving a long and good life for every woman with ovarian cancer. Established in 2008, we have a clear mission to accelerate progress to beat this disease through substantial, targeted investment in research, education and advocacy throughout the UK. In order to build critical mass in this field, applications will be welcome for high quality research aimed at improving the treatment of ovarian cancer. For more details of our research priorities please visit: http://www.targetovariancancer.org.uk/research and for further enquiries email: nfreshney@targetovarian.org.uk

Additional eligibility criteria

The MRC/Royal College Training Fellowships involve additional eligibility criteria relating to college membership and clinical training. If you wish to apply to one of these schemes, please contact the relevant college to discuss your application and eligibility before submitting an application to the MRC.

How to apply

  • The submission procedure and deadline is the same as the standard competition. Full details of the scheme and contact details are also available via this link.

  • All applications are considered in open competition; therefore a request for joint funding will have no effect on the outcome of your application.

  • Any jointly funded fellowships will be offered at the same funding level as any other CRTF and under standard MRC terms and conditions except where additional terms and conditions are specified by the joint funder.

  • All candidates who meet the competitive standard for our jointly funded awards will be offered a fellowship.

  • If all available jointly funded fellowships have already been allocated, the panel will offer successful candidates a standard MRC fellowship instead.