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Associated studentships

Associated studentships link studentship training to a larger strategic investment supported by the MRC.

In MRC units, institutes and centres

The MRC’s units, institutes and centres have an important role in capacity development in a focused area, linking training and capacity building to the MRC’s investment in a high-profile UK centre of excellence. Approximately a quarter of the MRC’s studentship investment is delivered from within our units and institutes, with a further 10% delivered by centres.

Linked to partnership grants

A very small number of studentships are awarded linked to partnership grants, although we do not expect studentships to form a major component of partnership grant applications.

Flexibility of studentship funding

Associated studentships funding can often be used flexibly, as described for Doctoral Training Partnerships, unless awarded for a specific purpose or with specific conditions. Studentships supported via this mechanism are subject to the same terms and conditions and support as other MRC studentships.

Co-funded in multidisciplinary centres

We are collaborating with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) on their new Centres for Doctoral Training with the aim of developing new cadres of early-career researchers trained in highly multidisciplinary research and training settings. We have agreed to co-fund the following seven centres: