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Integrative toxicology training partnership (ITTP) PhD studentship scheme

Through partnerships between academia, industry and government agencies the ITTP studentship initiative seeks to build expertise in toxicology and related disciplines that underpin the safe and effective development of drugs, chemicals and consumer products, and the improved assessment of risks to health resulting from environmental exposures. ITTP is funded as part of MRC’s investment in the Toxicology Unit. The MRC delegates responsibility to the Toxicology Unit and ITTP Steering Committee to administer the training investments on its behalf.

As a general guide, applications should be submitted from potential academic supervisors, and each must include collaborative partners from one or more of industry, government agencies or other universities.

Research projects should meet the main aim of ITTP in achieving cross-fertilisation with advances in other disciplines, in order to address emerging challenges in toxicology. The emphasis is on aligning modern cell, molecular and systems biology approaches with other fundamental and health-related disciplines to provide an integrative, holistic approach in research and training relevant to predicting the toxicity of chemicals and drugs as well as to develop an understanding of the chemical, pharmacological, biological and toxicological mechanisms involved. The contributions of each partner should be clearly stated.

The proposed work should be both feasible and tractable enough that it can be reasonably conducted by a PhD student and successfully submitted as a thesis within four years. A key feature of the initiative is its training programme which brings together aspects of established toxicology knowledge with other relevant sciences at an annual residential course.

Assessment criteria

Awards will be made on the basis of scientific quality, feasibility, the quality of the training environment, and the integrative, multidisciplinary nature of projects in line with the aims of ITTP. Key criteria for assessment will be:

  • The novelty of the research proposal in the field of toxicology.
  • The relevance of the proposal to current toxicological concerns for human health.
  • The breadth of the proposal in terms of developing different skills in in vivo and in vitro contexts.
  • The degree to which the supervisors will be able to provide the appropriate scientific environment and training environment.

How to apply

Further information is available from the MRC Toxicology website.