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Awards and recognition

The MRC is proud to celebrate the awards and prizes given to our researchers. These, along with other forms of acknowledgement such as being appointed to the editorial board of a journal, are a valuable recognition of the quality of research undertaken by MRC scientists.

Below is a selection of MRC researchers who have been recognised in various ways. Further details are included in the awards and recognition chapter (PDF, 4.01MB) of the MRC outputs report 2013/14.

Nobel Prize Winners

Since the MRC was set up in 1913, 24 Nobel prizes have been awarded to MRC-supported scientists, shared among 33 individuals. Our prize winners have been spread across the Nobel categories of Physiology or Medicine and Chemistry. The links on the right hand side of the page give more information about each of our Nobel Prize winners.

Millennium Medal

The Millennium Medal was inaugurated in 2000. It is awarded by the MRC’s Council and celebrates MRC-funded scientists for outstanding research that has made a major contribution to our mission to improve health, quality of life and wealth creation.


  • Professor Janet Darbyshire, for her transformative work on clinical trials, resulting in major advances in diseases including tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS, and cancer
  • Professor Sir Brian Greenwood, for his work in reinventing field research in tropical medicine.
  • To mark the MRC’s Centenary in 2013, two medals were awarded — to Professor Sir Philip Cohen and Professor Sir Gregory Winter. Professor Sir Philip Cohen and Professor Sir Gregory Winter, for Sir Philip’s outstanding collaborative work with the pharmaceutical industry and Sir Greg’s development of humanised monoclonal antibodies.
  • Professor Sir Edwin Southern, for the invention of the Southern blotting technique and DNA microarray technology.
  • Sir Peter Mansfield, for his role in the development of MRI
  • Tom Meade, for his contribution to UK health, particularly in cardiovascular disease
  • César Milstein, for his pioneering work on monoclonal antibodies