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Health informatics

The MRC is committed to improving human health through research. By transforming the ecosystem for health research and innovation through pioneering partnerships and capacity-building schemes, the MRC has created valuable platforms, tools, and training programmes. The areas of investment vital for transforming health research include:

Health informatics: embedding informatics and computation in health research to create the capacity to analyse large clinical and cohort-derived datasets

The transforming health research topics reflect the MRC’s strategic assessment of the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and technology in these areas of focus. The MRC’s commitment to funding the breadth and depth of biomedical research is continued within this sub-set of topics. The following case studies and quantitative data demonstrate the impact of the MRC’s investment into these areas for transforming health research.

Case studies

MRC-funded supercomputer ‘eMedLab’ is an invaluable tool for researche rs using Big Data

The MRC funded the development of eMedLab, a high performance cloud-computing platform with a focus on three disease areas in 2014. In just a short time, this platform is proving invaluable to researchers studying cancer, heart disease, and rare diseases. In March 2017, eMedLab was awarded the Best Public Sector Project at the annual UK Cloud Awards.

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Mobile app to help patients with psychosis is a finalist of health technology awards

In 2016, an app developed by scientists at the University Of Manchester Farr Institute Of Health Informatics Research became a finalist at the annual AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards. ClinTouch is a pioneering mobile phone app designed to improve the care and lives of people living with psychosis by monitoring real-time symptoms and reducing unscheduled and emergency hospital admissions.

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